Registration Master 2023

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Solltest du nach der Anmeldung für die Bachelor-Erstitage suchen: Diese findest du >hier<

This year, for the second time, we will be holding an introductory event for new Master Biosciences students. 

This is primarily for networking among you and is not an alternative to Dr. Hock’s introduction.

Here we have some helpful points for a smoother start:

  1. Lectures and seminars will be on campus mostly in the Biocenter, lecture hall A102 or in Graduate School Building, Lecture Hall (ground floor), Beatrice-Edgell-Weg 21.
  2. Please exclusively use your studmail account whenever you communicate with us. Other accounts may be spammed or simply are ignored due to safety reasons.
  3. Register to the WueCampus course “Master Biosciences”. Please carefully read the answers to the frequently asked question (FAQs) and examine thoroughly the information given. That should be of help for you.
  4. Read also the emails posted in the forum. The lecturers mail important information concerning their courses, lectures and seminars.Older mails might be of interest too.
  5. Each Wednesday prior to the semester start, the registration periods for courses will open in WueStudy. Once registered to the courses you receive an admission (see suggested study plan of your program). Normally we have enough slots for everybody.
  6. Information about internships (if, when, where) will also be posted in WueCampus2. They might be offered as a practical course or as individual internship.

The Master introductory event will take place on the following days: Monday (09.10.), Tuesday (10.10.), Wednesday (11.10.) and Thursday (12.10.).

The events on Monday and Tuesday are together with the new Bachelor students‘ introductory event.
If you want to go to the trips to botanical garden or university hospital groups travelling together from the Biocenter a few minutes before 13:00 or you can just go there on your own and wait there until all groups arrived.

One of Wednesdays introductions for Biosciences Master students is mandatory. 

The program is not final yet! Please check here again before the introduction days to see if there have been any changes.

Program 2023/24:

 Time Monday 09.10. Location
15:00 Presentation of various facilities and extracurricular activities
Z6 0.004
18:00 Barbecue Biocenter
 Time Tuesday 10.10. Location

Biosciences Master: Trip to botanical garden

Biomedicine Master: Trip to University Hospital

Botanical garden / University hospital

20:00 Bar evening City center
22:00 Ersti-Party Laby
 Time Wednesday 11.10. Location
10:00 Introduction for Biology Master (German) Zoom
(entry via WueCampus Master Biosciences)
14:00 Introduction for Biology Master (English) Zoom
(entry via WueCampus Master Biosciences)
 Time Thursday 11.10. Location
14:00 Get together / Games night Biocenter

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    Are you in Würzburg during the introductory event and want to participate? (The event is held in person) yesno
    On which days do you want to participate?MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday

    The data entered will only be stored on our server for the duration of the introductory event and can only be accessed by us.
    The data will NOT be disclosed to third parties. Your data will only be used to send you information about important events and dates, everything else you can read in our privacy policy.

    Unfortunately we have to charge a contribution towards expenses of 5€ which we will collect on Thursday 12.10.2022. This does not include the barbecue on Monday.

    I hereby register for the introduction event. By registering for the Master introductory event, I agree to the internal use of any image material that may be created of me. (This will not be passed on to third parties or published in any other way)